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If you're looking for the health benefits of grass-fed beef, don't be fooled.  All cows eat grass.  The important thing to ask is how they are 'finished'.  Most beef is now finished on grain in order to promote more rapid weight gain.  Unfortunately, cows finished on grain have higher levels of saturated fat and lower levels of Omega 3's in their meat.  Our cows are raised entirely on grass.  This takes longer, but it's worth the wait!


We practice managed grazing, which means that during the grazing season the cows are rotated to a fresh area of pasture every day.  This is better for the cows, better for the pasture and better for the environment.

Stock your freezer with grass-fed beef

Learn more about our cows

We started our herd with 7 cows in 2011; 1 Black Galloway, 2 Belted Galloway and 4 Herefords. Our herd has grown considerably over the last 7 years, and we're now up over 50 head.  When calving season arrives this spring we hope to add as many as 25 calves to our herd.


Galloways are a smaller Scottish breed which are ideal for cold climates. They are unique in that they have 2 layers of fur instead of just one. As a result they don't require heavy layers of fat under their fur to keep them warm in the winter, and so have less waste when they're butchered.

Belted Galloways are often called "Oreo cookie cows" since purebred Belties are black on both ends and white in the middle.


$4.75/pound hanging weight


Reserve yours  by calling Steve at:


February and Fall butcher dates are available.

So, how  does our beef get to your freezer?

We sell our beef by the quarter, which is generally enough for a small family. If that's too much, consider going in with family or friends.  $100 deposit will hold your quarter ' til fall. We take the steers down to Geiss Meats in Merrill, WI, usually in November.  The butcher will call you to find out how you want the meat to be cut and packaged (i.e. thickness of steaks, size of roasts etc).  Customers generally pick up their own meat at the butcher shop once it's ready.


Grass-fed beef - It's what's for dinner