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Most garlic sold in the US is raised in China.  Growing conditions there may be questionable, and prolonged storage and transport can lead to decreased levels of important nutrients.  So, when we read an article about two schoolteachers from Trempeleau, WI who had started raising garlic, we decided to give it a try.  We now have seven varieties planted, which range from one so mild that you can eat it raw to another that is knock-your-socks off spicey hot.


Our garlic season begins in October when 'crack' the garlic, soak it in Vodka and plant the individual cloves.  The plants sprout in the spring and by July the scapes are ready for harvest.  The bulbs are harvested in August and are hung in our hayloft to dry for at for at least a month.  We then clean the bulbs for sale and start planting all over again.  

Garlic for garlic lovers

Benefits of fresh garlic



Fresh garlic contains significant quantities of allicin and antioxidants.  These components are believed to help lower your risk for heart disease, help prevent Alzheimer's, strengthen bones, lower your blood pressure, and strengthen your immune system.


Source: Authority Nutrition








Garlic scapes available in July,

Bulbs available in October


Garlic grown right here in Wisconsin