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We started our beef herd in 2011, just in time for a major drought. Hay prices skyrocketed from about $35/big round bale to over $100.  We had trouble finding decent affordable hay, and quickly decided that we needed to make our own.  Thanks to friends and neighbors we now have access to over 300 acres of hay ground, so if you need hay for horses, cattle or other livestock, let us know. Our hay is a grass/clover/trefoil mix.  Big round bales are $35 each.  Small squares vary in price depending on quantity.  Call for details and/or to reserve hay for the 2018 season.




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Hay and Straw for sale

Hay sold out for 2017

Small squares of straw still available


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We use a lot of straw - about 300 bales/acre in the strawberries, raspberries and garlic, and more for the cows to bed down on in the winter.  And surprisingly, straw (which has almost no nutritional value), is more expensive than hay.  So, this summer we partnered with a Sugar Camp potato farmer to bale up the straw off one of his oat fields (Thank you Sowinskis!)


So, if you're a landscaper or need straw to cover concrete, septic systems or just need a bale or two to decorate in the fall, let us know.


Straw sells for $5/bale.  Bulk pricing is available at $4/bale for 100+ bales delivered straight from the field.  We're currently trying to determine how much to bale, so let us know how much you'll need and we'll put you on the list.