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The farmers from Clearwater Farms planted 1/3rd of an acre of honeyberries recently.

These berries are originally from Siberia and Japan, so they do well in cold temperatures. Honeyberries are not common in the U.S. You will soon start seeing more of this berry, though, as it is slowly making its way to the U.S.


Honeyberries, also known as haskap berries, look like oblong blueberries and are harvested in mid-June. You'll find that these berries are higher in antioxidants than blueberries and taste like a cross between a raspberry and a blueberry.

Honeyberries are high in antioxidants

Helpful advice on honeyberries

Are you looking to plant your own honeyberries? Read some of our advice to ensure your berries grow well. Honeyberries are similar to blueberries in that both shrubs have shallow root systems.


Like blueberries, your new honeyberries will benefit from a good layer of high-quality mulch. Be sure to spread it 2-4 inches deep around the shrub itself. It may be necessary to discourage birds from eating the fresh berries, but other than that you shouldn't have problems with predation. Contact us now for more planting tips.

Our honeyberries were first planted in 2016. Call for pricing:


A honeyberry crop may be ready in 2017 - stay tuned for more news

"What fabulous berries this year!"

- Dierdre S., Facebook